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APE3000 (Auto Post-Etch Punch system)
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Product category: PCB equipment
System Cheng Ximu: Inner layer punch press
Product classification: Inner layer
Product range: APE3000 Automatic Post-Etch Punching System

Advantages for Multilayer Manufacturing

Post-etch punching avoids the tolerance errors that accumulate when punching is done prior to etching. As a result, multiple layers are registered with greater precision and the finished PCBs reflect maximum accuracy. In other words, the post-etch process dramatically improves multilayer productivity and yields.

A post-etch punch enables us to view the etched target placed on the board in relation to the image and subsequently split the difference of any error and punch the tooling hole locations.

Image registration is now greatly improved because the punch locations are placed in relation to the image.

Expansion and contraction error can now be compensated for prior to lamination. This is possible because the majority of material expansion and contraction has already occurred during the previous develop-etch-strip phase.

≡   Main merit   ≡
  • Merit A: .
  • Merit 01: Versatile PC Base has the massive data processing function.
  • Merit 02: Wisdom vision phantom processing, (2CCD or 4CCD) and double Monitor
  • Merit 03: Has the Offset compensation choice function, records displacement quantity various inner layers.
  • Merit 04: May establish the erroneous value, the rejection plate rises shrinks oversized not good.
  • Merit 05: Has the pre-apparent work energy, on the one hand on the other hand the punch holes sets at the board to look in advance, may promote the efficiency
  • Merit 06: Regards the floor to have the laser luminous spot in advance to be auxiliary, the convenient operator sets at the board and to the position.
  • Merit 07: Has the top and bottom photosource to be possible to supply the choice, may apply in passes plate of differently the visual degree
  • Merit 08: The target pretends not to arrest is restricted in the cloudy piece or the positive piece, CCD may interpret correctly
  • Merit 09: touches controls the screen, holds controls easily.
  • Merit 10: Has the air flush function, prevents the board friction, the abrasion.
  • Merit 11: The flowing tubing head pressure unit is independent, plan side casual attire regulation location.
  • Merit 12: The flowing tubing head pressure punch holes, the high pressure may 逹 16 tons above outputs; The normal output is approximately 6.5 tons.
≡  machine specification  ≡
Max. Panel Size MAX 30"x25", MIN 13"x12".
PC Board Thickness 2~40mil (Max.60).
Target Locate 1.5" at the rear of horizontal central lines. ( Detailed manufacture size list)
Tooling Repeatability ±0.001".
Image To Punch Repeatability ±0.0005".
Mechanical size 1550mmW,1700mmL,1350mmH.
Hyd. Unit size 1250mmW,820mmL,1150mmH.
Mechanical weight 1900Kgs.
Hyd. Unit weight 600Kgs.