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PP3000>>Prepreg Hole Punch

PE3000 (Post-Etch Punch system)

An Easy and Efficient Method of Punching Stacks of Prepreg Material

Product category: PCB equipment
System Cheng Ximu: Inner layer punch press
Product classification: Inner layer
Product range: PCB Prepreg Punch
≡   Main merit   ≡
  • Merit 1: The servometer turnover material, the coordination supports on both sides the organization specially, the localization is precise
  • Merit 2: Entire folds the punch holes, thickness 7628 PP approximately 15, entire folds the automatic turnover
  • Merit 3: Periphery about four flowing tubing head pressure cylinder synchronization, cannot not assymetrical affect because of the punch holes position
  • Merit 4: Chinese-adapted touches controls the screen, the operation is simple
  • Merit 5: The flowing tubing head pressure punch holes, the maximal pressure may reach 16 tons above outputs
  • Merit 6: Unified collection dust
  • Merit 7: Adjusts simply, is same adjustment way with the PE punch press
  • Merit 8: The punch holes position and the PE punch press is completely same, namely 0,5 " /step
  • Merit 9: The flowing tubing head pressure unit is independent, gauge of the convenient system regulation location
≡  machine specification  ≡
Work size MAX 30"x25", MIN 13"x12".
Flushes the aperture For 4.0mm, eight (may choose)
Use barometric pressure 5~6Kg/c㎡.
Power Consumption 6KW.
Mechanical Size 1550mmW,1700mmL,1350mmH.
Hyd. Unit Size 1250mmW,820mmL,1150mmH.
Mechanical weight 1900Kgs.
Hyd. Unit weight 600Kgs.